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Low commitment

Big commitment

At RNR we want to help YOU choose which one of our classes and programs is best for you. We do this based on a color scale showing the time commitment and training intensity. The lightest color has low time commitment and is designed for fun while the darkest color requires lots of commitment to the sport with high-intensity training.

This color scale is designed to help you make an informed choice for your young athlete as they begin or continue their journey through the sport of gymnastics at RNR and all we have to offer.

We have recreational class programs that are meant to be fun and very low commitment and recreational teams. With recreational teams, your athlete can enjoy the support of the entire RNR family of team members without the pressure of competition.

We also offer USAG Competitive teams at both the EXCEL and JO (Women's Developmental) level depending on the time commitment and level of intensity you wish to train. The choice is yours, competitive gymnastics is for everyone!

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