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Low commitment

Big commitment

Call or email our front desk to schedule a tryout.  Deadline for rosters are between Aug 1st and October 1st depending on level of competition.

This program is invitation or tryout only. This is designed for athletes ages 4-7 that show a high interest in gymnastics and whom are able to mentally focus through longer structured practices. 

This class is a precursor to Competitive gymnastics teams for advanced young athletes, and/or highly passionate and focused young athletes. Athletes will be invited to this group from Rec and Classes. Parents are expected to make a year round commitment to the training schedule which is twice per week. These athletes will advance to DP or XCEL once they are old enough and ready to compete. 

Levels 2/3 - 10

The DP program as the name implies is perfect for the dedicated youth athlete that wish to pursue the sport to the highest levels possible. Our DP Teams require a tryout and placement by our DP Director. This program requires a year-round commitment with mandatory practices and competes up to 7 times per year.

EXCEL Silver Athletes under 8 years of age  practice with our DP 2/3 groups

Levels Bronze - Diamond

The XCEL program was recently introduced by USAG in order to promote the sport and make it accessible to athletes that love gymnastics but require some flexibility for a variety of reasons. Because the XCEL program is flexible in its competitive requirements this flexibility is reflected in practice schedules, and overall time commitment levels required. However, like with anything, the further you go in the sport the more that is required.

Bronze & Silver       Gold        Platinum     Diamond&Sappire

Level 2/3         Level 4-7        Level 8-10

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