Low commitment

Big commitment

These classes are low commitment with a bit more fitness training than our recreational classes. We reccommend this program to all athletes looking to stay fit in a fun way.

Ages 7 - 12

Tumble Fit 12 and Under is for those young athletes who aren’t necessarily looking to get into gymnastics but want to learn how to tumble and flip. This class is structured just like our Tumble Fit class but is restricted to those ages 7 to 12 to allow younger athletes to train at their level. 

Ages 8 +

Tumble Fit Roundoff handsprings is structured just like Tumble Fit but focused on specifically roundoff handsprings. 1 hour in length.

Ages 8 +

Tumble Fit is for those looking to stay fit through tumbling. We will work on progressions for beginner skills like forward rolls and cartwheels as well as more advanced skills like fulls and arabians. This Co-ED class is open for all skill levels, and designed to compliment parkour, ninja, dance, high school or youth cheer, all-star cheer, gymnastics, and other athletes that just want to stay in shape or get in shape and have fun doing it. 1 hour and 30 minutes in length with the first portion being tumbling focused and the second portion being fitness focused.