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Open Gyms

An open gym is an event where we dedicate the facility and staff to kids of all ages.

We allow any skill level. This allows the kids to experience gymnastics and tumbling without commitment to one of our teams. During open gyms kids can socialize, learn new skills or perfect the ones they have.  


During opens gyms, the only expectations are for participants to be safe, have fun, and be respectful!! We change the themes of our open gyms regularly to keep things new and exciting for the kids! 

R&R Gymnastics Open Gym

Our Open Gym Classes are available now for the 22-23 school year.

Join us for Open Gym Time

Are you still curious about what an open gym is like? Wonder if it's worth your time to attend one?


Whether you are a beginner just starting out or an advanced gymnast looking for extra practice, they can be a valuable resource!

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